Who are you?

It is said that we are just a phone call, a news, a natural calamity away from completely changing as a person. I assume this is said to define the frailty of human life. What about the acts done and the words spoken in one moment that can have a lasting impact on you as a person. What about the cracks that will fill over time but the impact they leave on your dreams, hopes and wishes is huge. We in our naivety make plans to achieve, to have things according to our way, to celebrate this achievement even and then bam! one day something happens that puts a question mark on all your plans up until now! When looked at them, the act may not be as big as losing a loved one, which to me is the lowest low and the biggest fear, but they are of enough significance that you will never overcome them completely. You will survive but the crack will stay always. What if something results in two step forward and four step backward? What if, right at that particular moment, your loved ones


With a desire for the vague, I walk along the strange tune and humming the strange song, I walk with questions and puzzles, Trying to find and place a piece at a time, I quiet the din and the chime. What's with the desire for vagueness? Unknown shines bright and intrigues, I fall for its charm time and again, Almost like a natural streak. How would it be to stick to the safe? Living with fewer questions for sure, Uncomplicated and unentangled, And without the nameless lure. Destiny has its way, they say Maybe vagueness is guiding mine, in carving it's way! 

Never Mind Yaar - Not what the title will have you believe!

Having lived in Mumbai all my life, I have heard a lot about the spirit of Mumbai and Mumbaikars. Mumbai is known to be the city that rarely stays down after being hit. It's back to business the very next day.  The reasons for this are debatable and are matter enough for another blog post. So, when I came across a book up for review with a "Never Mind Yaar " title, I assumed it to be a book focusing on this unfazed attitude of Mumbai. The back cover of the book too stated, going verbatim here, that the title is an attitude. A tendency to feel defeated by the scale and nature of certain problems. Rather than meet them head on, we circumvent them with a sigh and a consoling "Never mind, yaar." Is the title justified and the story live up to it? Read on to find out.  The Good : Some of the most special memories of our life are made in college. Regardless of the type of student you are, the class nerd or a part of the "Vella" crowd, you will al


Wriggling on earth,  The caterpillar looks at the sky, Mother nature's magic meets his eyes,  He moans in sadness, thinking, to watch it he will never be able to try,  Mother nature smiles at his innocence and sighs,  Then one day, the caterpillar notices a transformation,  It's almost like reincarnation,  Wings appear and change his wingless style,  He thought maybe it's the end of his ugly exile,  Knowing he could now conquer the sky,  As He had turned into a butterfly,  His heart soared awaiting the worldly beauty,  Still unaware that he himself makes the world a little more pretty!

The elusive love...

A glimpse here and a nudge there, making its presence felt,  intermittent and rare. Like the first few drops of rain,  after a long and dusty summer,  The sprinkle and respite,  mixed in their flavours.  The erect spine of a new book, the enchanting whiff of its pages,  Making me believe I have found  the wisdom and peace of sages. Moments of bliss and the seek follows, like a mirage luring your chase. I can go on with the  smilies and metaphors thereof,  Or I could simply call it,  The elusive love!

Be a Good News Messiah!

Like a tiny ray of light bursting out of the clouds on a dreary and dull winter day, I stumbled across a website today that made me all cheery and happy. Believe you me, this was quite an incredulous feat as I was working on a Saturday and sulking was the order of the day. Anyhow, I just happened to find this page, the idea of which immediately had me in good spirits. The website in question is . This website is a budding idea and it welcomes each person as a Good News Messiah. The idea behind the website is that, no matter how awful a story is, if you look close and hard enough, you are sure to find a silver lining, sooner or later. Which is what makes each and every person a Good News Messiah. The website gives you a chance to share your story in less than 700 words and then go on to point out how there was a silver lining, no matter how bleak. Share your good news and that will make the readers want to find their silver lining. Be the Messiah in other

In its own time...

Standing alone by the side of a dusty road,  The tree knows only rain can bring solace,  The summer is unusually long and hot, Her parched thoughts doubt nature's grace!  The dust of the past has her covered in brown,  She feels dejected and only wears a frown,  One fine day, a drop plops on a leaf,  The tree startled finds it hard to believe,   Soon enough, rain washes off the brown and  The Green is brought to life again,  Everything happens in its own time,  Your own perception makes you see, And the choice is always between a boon or a bane!