Thursday, May 18, 2017

Who are you?

It is said that we are just a phone call, a news, a natural calamity away from completely changing as a person. I assume this is said to define the frailty of human life.

What about the acts done and the words spoken in one moment that can have a lasting impact on you as a person. What about the cracks that will fill over time but the impact they leave on your dreams, hopes and wishes is huge. We in our naivety make plans to achieve, to have things according to our way, to celebrate this achievement even and then bam! one day something happens that puts a question mark on all your plans up until now! When looked at them, the act may not be as big as losing a loved one, which to me is the lowest low and the biggest fear, but they are of enough significance that you will never overcome them completely. You will survive but the crack will stay always.

What if something results in two step forward and four step backward? What if, right at that particular moment, your loved ones change the meaning of the term loved ones for you.? What if the people who you looked at, if for nothing, just to stand by you, desert you and stand on the opposite end pointing fingers? What do you do then?

You cry, but on the inside. You change beneath the exterior mirage. You realize that your dreams, you hope, your wishes and your existence are of so little value to anyone but you. You could be making plans to give birth to someone or something who/that you love, adore and want to protect all their life. Then you realize that you cant even protect your own self. That little dream then dies within you.

And that brings about another meaning to the term frailty of life.

Life which is no ones but yours. Life which you hold no meaning to, if it is of no meaning to anyone around you.

It begs a question, who are you if you are nothing and no one to anyone around you? 

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