Sunday, December 8, 2013

In its own time...

Standing alone by the side of a dusty road, 
The tree knows only rain can bring solace, 
The summer is unusually long and hot,
Her parched thoughts doubt nature's grace! 
The dust of the past has her covered in brown, 
She feels dejected and only wears a frown, 
One fine day, a drop plops on a leaf, 
The tree startled finds it hard to believe,  
Soon enough, rain washes off the brown and 
The Green is brought to life again, 
Everything happens in its own time, 
Your own perception makes you see,
And the choice is always between a boon or a bane!


  1. Too good! :)

  2. wow..inspiring lines...too good!!!


  3. Inspiring poem Upasana! Beautifully written :)


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