4/19/2013 08:28:00 PM

Mom, I always told you I am brave,
but right now, 
only for your arms do I crave,
The monster scares me and leaves me in pain.,
I bravely tried to resist but it was all in vain,
I see some blood and my clothes are all torn,
Mom, please just come and take me home!
On the other side of this door,
My friends play their game,
My muffled screams are too weak
for them to hear me call their name.
I shiver in fear, bare and alone, 
Mom, why don't you take me home?

P.S. This poem is just a futile attempt at trying to bring out what the five year old rape victim must have gone through. I don't think anyone can know exactly how that little child must have felt then. The monstrosity and remorselessness has crossed all boundaries. Maybe humanity is dead and what's left are just carcasses.

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14 mused over the Musings....

  1. It touch a chord in my heart. OMG! Can't you stop such heinous crimes committed even on tiny tots.

    1. We have failed miserable in building a country for women and children ! I want to say something can be done, and things will be better but frankly I find the whole situation quite hopeless!

  2. Recent trends has turned delhi as a city of rapists...what's more they are not humans they can't be. It's devil with its height of obsequiousness.

    Your poem is good enough to empathize any human with the sinking heart.

    1. Its not just Delhi, Anupam. The entire nation and its beliefs and mindset are to be blamed!

  3. Really life is worst then hell. Nd.. Whats happening shame for all indian..!!! God help little girl

    1. We can only pray that she overcomes the physical and mental trauma!

  4. not only blood and torn clothes, bottle and candles..holy god..where is all this leading to, i wonder? it just doesn't seem to stop, and no one's bothered to make all this nirbhaya happened and some protests happened and that's about it.... death penalty for such monsters is the only way out.

    so well written, it brought tears to my eyes...

  5. while i read the heart touching emotions of womankind .. it feels helpless and indeed shameful .. i am part of a society which does this , condemns this , points this out and yet ... this is continues.... like a viscous cycle !! the media , the politicians , the urban India everyone is concerned but none has a solution ....
    How long will this continue is the only question needed to be answered !
    Talibanism or Spiritualism .. only two ways out nothing else ... either make the punishment so immediate and brutal that the soul of the culprit shivers with the name of rape or ... before handing over our kids to the race of academics, they be taught humanity and the reasons of being in this world !!

  6. The offenders are no longer humans, they have lost all humanity. They're worse than animals. I cannot even begin to imagine what the little one would have gone through. It makes me so so scared to bring a child into this world. I am losing hope every passing day.

  7. It's a pity that we have to witness such an incident that has further tore already fractured boundaries of shame. No words can express our grief over the 5 year old angel devastated by a monster. I don't know what to do to bring some sanity to our society. Alas! I am helpless.

    I could connect with the departing soul through your poem Upasana. Beautifully crafted poem that evokes pain.

  8. its really a shame...and quite unbelievable the level we have pulled down ourselves...i am yet to find a way out...

  9. Very apt title for the article. It's a shame for the whole society, in which such atrocities happen. All of us are responsible to some extent for the situation in which we find ourselves today.

  10. It disgusts me how some men can stoop so low. And some women who promote it in the name of being helpless. In the end the little lives suffer.


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