Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time to go back to school...

This post is totally inspired by this note i was tagged in on facebook. I loved it so much that i couldn't resist sharing it.

This week of june is the "school reopening week".Every mall,supermarket and stationery store will tell you its time to go back to school.Everywhere you look around you see excited kids piking up new "dabbas" for recess,new waterbottles,compass boxes,school bags,rainy shoes and what not.

Its that time of the year when you buy everything books are bought and read purely out of excitement.All this is just the preparation bit.schools have not yet begun...

Then comes the big day.First day of classrooms,classmates,class teachers...!! Assembly programmes,singing the national anthem,saying the pledge,prayers in different languages,one hand distance,reading out the news...oh!! how i would trade anything to get all that back.

Eating the dabba before recess,getting caught by the teacher,getting a remark was a huge thing then..calling parents to school was apocalypse.Open house was dreadful.

There is somethings purely magical in school days.Gets over sooner than you realize.

We cant wait to grow up when in school and now i ,and a lot of people i know, miss those days like crazy.

The note that inspired me...

I have decided I would like to accept the responsibilities of an eight-year-old again!

I want to go down to McDonalds and think it’s a five-star restaurant.

I want to think that M and M's are better than money because you can eat them.

I want to eat a whole packet of eclairs without feeling guilty afterwards.

I want to return to when all you knew were colors, multiplication, tables and nursery rhymes.

I want to return to when you didn't know and you didn't care.

I want to remember the whole morning was filled of what your Mom had packed for lunch and the whole afternoon what you were having for dinner.

When a simple matchbox car or a Barbie doll represented a whole week's worth of entertainment.

When you actually had an imagination.

When magic really existed.

When 'Jaws' didn't look fake.

I want to think the world is fair. That everyone is honest and good would always triumph over evil.

When a member of the of the opposite sex was just some annoying disturbance.

When friends were real and you didn't care if they were black, white, Catholic, Asian, African, Muslim, fat, skinny, pink, green or from a whole other planet, it just didn't matter... until others told you differently!

I want to believe that anything is possible all you have to do is Dream.

I want it to be unknown to me the complexities of life and to be completely ecstatic by the little things again.

I DON'T want to know of work,money,relationships,popularity or even gossip!

I want to believe in the power of smiles, hugs, a kind word, truth, justice, peace, dreams and human kind.

I want to believe that all adults must know everything (How wrong we were)!!

So here's my money, my keys, my makeup, and my 20s...


  1. omg!!!!

    i truly miss my school days re...specialy those partition lines on benches... shoe fight in recess... yummy yummy dabbas.... the prayer time... n checking out each others marks.. n ranks... etc etc,,,, i can simply go on and on....

    very well written upasana!!!

  2. very well written upsana...i wanna go back to school..dos were unforgettabl n beautiful days of our lyf..

  3. niceeeeeeeeeeee......!!! luved it....!! ♥♥ miss those days....!! :(

  4. great going...try and put more emotions...females are blessed wid that :)

  5. really nice, I wanna grow up once again :)

  6. beautiful and lovely, Nice read :)

  7. Such a beautiful post!
    The school days were indeed the best days of our life and nothing can compare to that innocence. I would eagerly await the 1st of July and the first day after the summer vacations would be a dream!

  8. Gaurav : Thank you!

    Nikitha : thank you girl! :-)

    Mehal : Thank you!

    Pooja : Thank you!!keep the comments coming!!:-)

    Maniac.hunter : Thank you!! will keep that in mind!!!

  9. Animesh :Thank you!! how we all wish,we could!!:-)

    Rachit : Thank you Rachit!

    Deboshree : Totally!!nothing can come close.This is just an attempt at a glimpse of the most beautiful days of almost everyone's life !!

  10. Hey sharma,
    this is real good and nice one...

    Its really amazing to think about the school days when things were so amazing and innocent...
    Keep writting such amazing blogs...

  11. hey... really nice one... taking back to old lovely school days.. feels like to pack the school back, wear the school uniform n go to school... :)

  12. @Chanzi : thank you buddy!!

    @aparna : thank you!

    @divenita : Thank you!

    @prashant : Thank you!! am glad it had an effect!! :-)


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