Thursday, July 14, 2011

13/7 just another date?

A normal day turned bloody!!

The day after a bloody evening turns normal again.13/7 is it going to be just another date like the others???

Mumbai is shocked.Mumbai panics.Mumbai helps.Mumbai mourns.Mumbai cries.Mumbai questions.Mumbai listens to broken promises being made again.Mumbai sleeps it off.Mumbai is back to work the next day.

Everybody salutes the so called "spirit of Mumbai" !!

Its the same routine over and over again.Tragedy strikes,Innocents get hurt and die & Politicians make promises....
Nothing has changed except the form and reach of terror perpetrators.

The media makes the gimmick out of the sensitive issues.Every channel competes to get an exclusive coverage of the happenings.Even at hospitals.The camera goes every where.Hapless victim families, in this moment of crises, have to face the encroachment by the camera.

Media reports.System reacts.both use words.ONLY.No action.Just reaction.

The funny part is that the CM of Maharashtra,who promised after 26/11,that the Mumbaikar is safe and it is the government's responsibility to look after his security,have now become the then CM of Maharshtra.Thanks to a scam.

The questions remain unanswered.The first one being who is to be asked and held responsible!!

Citizens show their anger by holding candle marches,writing newspaper articles,putting up status updates,tweeting or writing blogs like this one.But it comes down to nothing.

The city gets lauded for its "spirit" and is discreetly told to move on.

The "spirit" is nothing but helplessness.People have to get back to work the next day,come what may.It isn't to show anyone that they don't get bogged down.They don't have an option of being bogged down.

Being a Mumbaikar it angers me to no end,to know that lakhs of rupees are spent on the safety of a terrorist whereas a common man has to worry about getting back home.EVERYDAY.

I am just another Mumbaikar.Lost without any direction.

I hope we all live to see a day when it isn't so difficult to trust.When we stop living in fear.

Imagine a place where all people live in peace,You may say I am dreamer but I am not the only one....


  1. Your opinion is absolutely true! We Indians live in a country where democracy is a farce! We can only be expected to buck up and move on in our lives in spite of societal crisis!
    Nice thought! Keep writing such posts!
    and Kudos (from the core of my heart) to all Mumbaikars for their never-give-up mettle! :)

    Indie! :)

  2. the problem that ppl need to EARN to support money and pay EMI's is taken as SPIRIT.people are helpless mr gandhi and your 99% stats in NOT helping

  3. a wonderful read...just summed up every "spirited" mumbaikar in d last 24 hrs!!!

  4. you are so right about people having no choice but to move on. And then they are called 'spirited' for that act. Terrorism in other countries are dealt with iron hand and firm measures, while we pander to a terrorist. It is sickening.

  5. @Indie : Thank you !!

    @maniac_hunter : seriously!! its high time they start acting instead of reacting!!

    @anurag : Thank you!!

    @zephyr : Its totally sickening! as if to add up to the misery they come up with stupid statistics to justify their inefficiency!!!

  6. *The "spirit" is nothing but helplessness*

    very true.... tired of reading this in paper called spirit spirit.... thts bloody helplessness....nothing else.....

    well upsana....its indeed true!

  7. "mumbai is shocked...." aptly described mumbai

  8. wow... powerful.... i honestly can feel ur anger thru ur words...!! job well done....!! and yes ur words are def* true....!!

  9. Everyone feel angry but are helpless towards their need. So one just close his eyes to what is/has just happened beside him and carry on. Thats how unaffected we humans have become - adaptive.

    I want to ask a question to all - can sombody stay inside ur house without the consent of a household member? Surely not. He would get caught after sometime. That means that these Mother netas are hiding these bas..ds in our house for their vested interest (votes & money). But we don't bother as we adapt to the situation to suit our own self rather than the society.

  10. I am afraid Mumbaikars' spirit and resilience are being misunderstood-that they will tolerate everything; that there can be attack after attack and the Mumbaikar will still catch the local train the next day to go to office.They are being taken for granted. That is why there is no real action.

  11. Beautiful picture and nice quote.

    Is this the expressway??


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