Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where is the freedom???

In the independence glory we bask,
But where is the freedom I ask?

Country has been free for 64 years...
But have we got freedom from our fears??

Fear of life, Fear of death,
Almost everyday, the tremors we get...

Slavery of money, Slavery of norms,
Slavery everywhere, just different forms..

Look at an Indian daughter,
Obeying every whim of dear father..

Look at her give in to her in laws..
for her, its freedom with flaws.

We were slaves of the foreign raj,
rebelling we got back the "Taj"!

But even today, there is something which binds..
that something is our own, its in our minds!


  1. Beautiful....Kudos for such a wonderful creation...

  2. wow so impressive!! n photo is perrrrfect!!

  3. luv it....!! luv the line.. freedom with flaws

    nice to meet the poetic side of u... n i thought i knew u....!! :p :p

    ur doing well, luv all ur posts so far... !! good luck....!! :*

  4. i am not big on judging poems but still great try.keep writing for the love of it

  5. @Mehal : thank you!!

    @pooja.d : You still know me the best!! thank you for your comments,means a lot!! :*

    @maniac.hunter : Thank you!

  6. a very nice thought and well penned :)

  7. WOW...fantastically written my dear! Absolutely true and very aptly said! "Freedom with Flaws"...nice work!

  8. @anurag : Thank you!

    @curious : Thank you!!

  9. Freedom is a state of inner consciousness. It is related to what one expects from life.
    Love your work!

  10. provoking lines,,,good one.
    and the picture supporting the poem is a perfect one.

  11. Really Nice! And, Coincidently I too have used the same picture for my poem on same thoughts.



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