Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yay!! My first blog award!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, can i have your attention please??

Here we have Mr.Kalpak who would like to bestow the ‘iDig Your Blog Award’ on yours truly! **Thunderous applause**

**Holding the trophy(umm..actually pasting the badge) and looking at it with wide eye wonder** I cant believe it!! I would like to thank my faithful readers for your comments,criticism and suggestions.Would not have been possible without you!

**After the post award hysteria has subsided** The award comes with the following rules :

  •  Gratefully accept the award.
  • Link the person you received it from.
  •  Post 3 interesting facts about yourself.
  • Pass this award to 5 blogs you dig.
  • Notify them.

1)Gratefully accept the award : Done!

2)Link the person you received it from : Done!

3)Post 3 interesting facts about yourself :

a)I am a chocoholic.I absolutely love love love chocolates.Without nuts mind you.To me they are best stress busters.Even the most horrible day can be turned around by hot,melt in the mouth chocolate.

b)I have never been into high end gadgets.A good music player and long battery life are my only criteria before picking up a mobile phone.But now, I am secretly lusting for an iPhone5.I know nothing about how am going to use it but i guess, they got me with their tagline."If you don't have an iPhone, You don't have an iPhone !".So anybody looking for any gifts,please keep this in mind and yes,please refer point (a) as well!

c)I have terrible mood swings.Can go from fun to grumbling to sulking in a matter of minutes.Yes,chocolate helps!

4)Pass this award to the blogs you dig : 

a) Madhav @ simple stories.As he makes simplest of stories worth telling and reading.Every post of his makes you laugh,think and eventually nod in agreement.Also, maybe he doesn't know this, but he also kind of indirectly inspired me to take up blogging.

b) Sahana  @ Ahamkaara. I was hooked from the first post itself.She has such a winning writing style,that you end up following her and then bookmarking her blog page to read further.

c) Saru @Words. She weaves such a beautiful web of words that you don't want to get out.I always keep going back to her blog for more.

d) Pri @ NOSTALGIC MOMENTS. Have recently come across this blog.Have already loved what i read.

e) Kalpak @Noises of my Empty Vessel.. I know this is against the rule. But who said rules are not meant to be broken. Besides, I do, really do, dig his blog.One simple basic reason : He never ever fails to make me smile.

Thats done now.I am going to notify the lucky ones tagged here.


  1. *EAR TO EAR GRIN* :) hee hee hee thanks

  2. thankyou upasana, im honoured! :)

    will take this up on my blog've made my day! *grins*


  3. Congratulations Upasana:) Even I like chocolates without nuts. Thanks for the award (I'm feeling guilty though as I don't comment on your posts on regular basis, sorry for that)

    I will place you permanently on my blog!:)

  4. You are most welcome Saru Singhal !! and you have more than made up for it by your sweet comments!!

  5. @ Upasana : You have been tagged, please visit:

  6. @Upasana: Do have a go through my blog and leave your comments over there....

    Blog URL:

    Thanks and Regards...

  7. congo.....:):):) didi..nd i too lyk chocolates but wid nuts..

  8. Brilliant Blog:) And nice post.....And hi5, am a chocoholic too:) If u wanna follow my Blog, then visit

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