Monday, September 26, 2011


22nd July, 2008.

Blood spluttered all around.The cloth used to wipe it is completely soiled.Everyone is wondering what the hell just happenend! How could the world turn so quickly; in just a minute.

Just a minute back we were soaking up the weather, singing songs and generally having a good time.And now, all i can see is blood.

A drastic turn of events brought up this picture in front of our eyes.The four of us were on our way back home after a 2 day trip out of town.At the time of the fateful accident, i was on the driver's seat, my brother next to me and my parents on the back seat.

Just then destiny decided to twist a few strings and change the scene.A truck decided to change lanes, out of the blue, and wreck havoc all around.Like a chain, cars bumped into each other.One of the cars was ours.

It took me a few moments to realize what just happened and the realization came when i saw my father holding his forehead to stop the oozing blood.

What hit me instantly was guilt as i was on the driver's seat.I was torn between it and deciding what to do next and it happened all too sudden.

We were right in the middle of a highway with no human settlement in sight.We called up the highway helpline numbers but they hung up after hearing there has been an accident on the highway.

A man who with his family was in the series of cars affected by the accident came as our guiding angel.He said he knew the way to a small village a few kilometers away and that he would guide us there to find a doctor.

We found one on reaching the dad was bandaged but fine.

Later when i was replaying the scene in my head it made me wonder is this what destiny and karma is? Destiny and karma got us in the situation and got us out by giving a hope by sending angel disguised as human.

I don't believe in idol worship.I believe in a supreme power but i don't name him or give him a form.My first reaction, after seeing my loved one going through so much pain, was to disregard my belief in the any power.My father of all people tried to make me believe again.


My belief and i are still scarred.And my guilt still existent.


  1. I believe in almighty. But I do not believe in idol worship either...

  2. hi5 for similar beliefs :D

    was this true btw??? if it was, such chain crashes are the most common forms of accidents. so u needn't feel guilty. :)

  3. please remove word verification. damn irritating

  4. kalpak n. : Yes its a true incident.I have tried to get rid of the guilt a small bit stays!!

    And word verification is off now!!

  5. Upasana...this was so hearttouching. the line 'my father touching his forehead to stop the ozing blood' ...really made me feel it.

  6. The supreme power is within you...all your destiny and karma just work around it ... keep the flame of hope and belief burning n u will keep finding a guardian angel everytime u need 1...

  7. God! I was so damn scared! Thank God! Nothing serious came up in the accident.
    Yes, sometimes the guilt does not leave us. Conscience does let us forget.The only way is to forgive ourselves. We are human too.
    I believe in a positive energy. Supreme power. Like you do. :)

  8. very well written,,nicely described wid a suspenseful beginning n gradually all ends well.

    poetess+ amazing writer!!

  9. I guess you are right Sameera.Thank you for your comment!

  10. I already have found my guiding angel Anurag.I just hope he stays with me always!

  11. Well, this is life. Expect the unexpected and live each and every moment. God Bless you Upasana. 

  12. You are absolutely right Megha! Expect the unexpected is the mantra! Thank you for your comment!

  13. Balwinder Singh BhandechhaJanuary 31, 2012 at 11:30 PM

    I thought you were narrating an incident you witnessed, Its good to know that you and your family are safe.

    Its very easy to lose faith in God. However, if a child jumps of the balcony watching a movie, we dont stop watching movies?? You said that you believe in a formless God and yet you called 'It', 'Him'.

    Accidents happen and our actions matter in such an incident. Beliefs may make you respect a man, actions will get you to love him.

    and yup am too old for my age... :D lolz

  14. Oh my God! When I started reading it.. I though it was short fiction. Realized latter that this truly happened. Good bless. Good your family and you are safe and sound. Guilt will remain- but you can find comfort in the fact that- you did the best you could in the given circumstances.


  15. Thats right Sahana.I guess in time forgiveness will overpower guilt! Thank you for your comment.

  16. Hope you don't fear driving because of this episode.  Life is so unpredictable..

    Nice blog. This is my first visit here.

    Do visit mine


  17. Destiny and Karma are strong words. They do not really decide how life should go, but have potential to influence it ! Guilt. A part of nature, but in your case, I do not see any reason for it :) In all, A nice read. Simple yet expressive ! Keep blogging :)


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