Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is wrong with you my friend?

What is wrong my dear friend?
Why have your talks come to an end?
Your beautiful smile is nowhere to see,
the smile which was your sign to be!

Amazed i am by the changes in you,
Changes you don't even acknowledge as few;
But, deep down i know, you know,
Changes have occurred in you at one go!

Happens everything for a reason say i,
Happy times will be back after these die;
Bounce back as i expect you to,
Please return cause i need you!

This poem is by me, as you can see,
Laugh if you want but its as original as me!
If this could bring a smile on your face,
I would consider it as sweet praise!

P.S : This poem was the very first poem i wrote.It was written for a very close friend who was going thru a rough phase as an attempt to cheer her up!


  1. Wow !!!!!!!
    As a first poem, its really awesome

  2. You write well!! Keep it going!!

  3. I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it.

  4. Very nice line. I love your job..

  5. lovely lines.....i'm sure it did cheered her up :)

  6. This is what I love about poetry. You get to crystallise these long-forgotten feelings into a few lines, a few verses. When you revisit them, it is as if they have not withered over time. 

  7. Your first poem was soooo GOOD? WOW! Your friend must have been very happy! :)

  8. Very nice poetry ! Beautiful thoughts..

  9. I think I have a friend who I cud use this for? :d

  10. Wah wah wah Kunal! Your comment always steals the show! :-)

  11. I began blogging in may '11.This is my 23rd post! you are most welcome to read and follow the rest!

  12. That happens a lot and it sucks! Thank you for your comment!

  13. Hope, your friend smile after reading this.
    Her gloom was lifted and she was in bliss.
    Reading lines like this, encouraged she was.
    Heaps of praises for you, without any pause. :D

  14. Nice and very good your first poem...When you get your blog started don’t forget to post a link to it here, I’d love to subscribe to it!

  15. How sweet is it to write a poem for a friend. :) Thoughtful!

  16. Sigh!
    Reminded me of a year gap after school got over. Met my best friend and there he was, all changed.
    Nostalgia. :)

  17. <3 aww you are so good with poems and am sure your friend is proud of you too...

  18. Awww, she should definitely cheer up and smile...:)

    Lovely poem:)

  19. very lovely way to cheer up your lovely friend! enjoyed reading it to a tee.

  20. Nice one :) Did it have any effect on your friend's gloom?

  21. Thanks for the poem it gives me some hope for my friend. It makes me feel better


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