Saturday, December 24, 2011

Beautiful journey...

Mind goes back,
Wanders and wonders,
Has it really been that long?
Was it not yesterday that 
two strangers came along!
It wasn't love at first sight,
Not even in the second one
But who could deny that,
It wasn't just friendship,
But a masked special bond!
Time moved on as it does,
Their friendship got another name,
Walked together side by side,
for two years now, and
surprisingly, its still the same!


  1. Thank you Mohit! You are too sweet!

  2. Hello.
    Visiting from Bloggers.

    I like the simplicity of this.
    What a lovely journey it has been & with love shared between them, it can only get better.
    You penned this beautifully.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Give Me Sexy, Give Me Sugar

  3. The way it was portrayed, lovely! And I hope the spark remains for a longer time :)

  4. click on pic to have better view

  5. Awesome !!!!
    Applause to you for writing such a lovely poem
    Applause to those two for whom this was written

  6. nice, hope the loveliness would remain in the relationship forever :)

  7. So beautiful and simple!
    Glad to meet u fellow blogger and poet! Thanks for dropping by, I will definitely drop by too :)



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