Thursday, December 15, 2011

The cat walk..

**The very first guest post on my blog**

Life can spring up surprises to leave us amazed.Its unbelievable that very first guest post on my blog is written by someone who i know since only a few weeks now.We were perfect strangers before GMCS happened.GMCS is a happy respite for us CA Final students.Its a 15 day course based on general management and communication skills and thats where GMCS comes from.

Mohit Udhwani who blogs at Mr. Weirdo is far from his blog name.This is totally irrelevant but when you look at him, pulling his cheeks will be your first instinct.He is someone who still has the child within him alive.This also comes across in his stories.He writes stories and then writes poems on the stories.Posted below is a story written by him.I hope you like it!

Its sign of evil,

Its sign of bad luck,

Its sign of growing evil in home,

But, for me, all of above were only superstitions.

We had a black cat in our house, people had problem with that. People are always superstitious that cats bring bad luck. It became a routine that for anything wrong happening in our house, our cat was blamed.

The effect of which could be seen on cat. Now the mischievous cat has become a dull cat. All the fun, all the playing, everything was lost.

I was unemployed since last three month. Being the eldest kid of the house, it was time of pain for me. I was not alone in bearing this pain, it was the pussy who was blamed for this too. The question in my mind was why is the poor pussy blamed for this?

One day, like other days, I was getting ready for an interview. But this time, I didn't prepare myself for it like I used to always. I was tensed, I was sweating on the cold winter morning. I looked in the mirror and I found ‘a zero-confident me’. I was not willing to go for interview but then I had no option.

I picked up my bag with bio-data and certificates. I took blessings from mom and dad and left the house.

While walking to the 20 mins away bus stand, I found two things different, firstly I had no confidence secondly, someone was following me. 

I turned behind and found, it was my lovely cat who was following me. 

All of a sudden, I found confidence growing in me. I felt that my cat was saying “Go ahead, I am with you, you can do it ! ”. 

A big curve of smile could be seen on my face.

After walking for 20 mins, I reached the bus stop. When I looked behind, she was still there. Bus arrived at the stop, I took the window seat and waved bye to my cat.

I reached the bank-the place where I had applied for a job. All the candidates were tensed for interview, but I had a big smile on my face.

The fact that someone had come to drop me to the bus stand regardless of who it was, a social or domestic animal, brought along a smile and confidence.

With smile and confidence being my partners, interview had to be good. It was only a weeks time that I got the news of my selection. 

Everyone congratulated me. 

I was little disappointed as my cat was always blamed for my unemployment but was forgotten when I got the job. 

I shared this incident with others. Since then my cat is never blamed for anything wrong. The 20 mins of my dear cat walking with me had brought me luck.

Nobody can bring in bad luck.We enjoy blaming others for our own faults. Come out of world of superstitions, its only you on which your fate depends. 

One can bring us luck but only we can make it good or bad.


  1. Cheers :)
        - Mohit

  2. I'm afraid, I have to ask, were you carrying anything edible, just kidding :D
    Great story, something, sometime always gives us confidence to move out of the zone, you got the timing right, cheers :)

  3. Thanks 
      - Mohit

  4. Thanks
      - Mohit

  5. Thanks
    - Mohit

  6. well said...luck is what you make of it....great post Mohit

  7. :) Nice!! It is funny how these superstitions get the better of us sometimes.

  8. I believe animals are a lot more loyal then human beings! They respect people a lot more, and bring no harm unless they are harmed. Lovely way to portray such an important and serious moral  :)

  9. Thanks Anurag

  10. hey mohit, could juz imagine u writing sumthin like simple yet so deep..... u bring such wonderful innocence in ur writing...kudos !!!!    am looking forward to read more frm u


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