Monday, January 9, 2012

What if...

Morning walk is good for the joints or so he had heard.That is why it had been his routine since a long time.Mohit had no disease to cure except old age.

Early morning walks always rejuvenated him, apart from the health bit.He looked forward to going to joggers park and look at kids, young couples and young at heart enjoy the morning breeze.Some would say he goes there everyday looking to fill in the void that an empty house and life leaves him with.He agrees with them.Partly.

On a day no different than the rest, he was in the park.His friend had ditched him today.Used to his company, he was bored to follow his regime today.So for a change he sat down on a bench, overlooking the sea.Enjoying the view.Seashores made his nostalgic.He had some memories kept boxed away in a corner of his mind.Memories that kept coming back to him.Memories that led to a "what if..."

He had lived a happy life.Lived for his family.Loved his wife and kids dearly.Life wasn't something he could  complain about.He had heard somewhere that, getting old shouldn't be feared as every step unfolds a secret that life has to offer, now when he looks back, he feels he indeed has uncovered all the secrets.All except one.

All his life, he had pushed it hard enough to keep it blocked.But the "What if.." stayed on.The question knocked on his mind to open doors to let it in but he didn't relent.Today he let it.


The maid was doing her job.She had been working in the house for too many years to notice that the usually talkative Sudha madam wasn't herself today.There wasn't much to do in the house given madam stayed alone.

Sudha too had a content life.Life had been a pleasing journey for her.A life partner who loved her.Kids who found their calling and had flown out of her nest.She didn't look like somebody who lacked anything.

Sudha felt anxious and weak.All the thinking and tension made her feel weak.She had almost made up her mind.But then doubts kept cropping up.Too many "whats ifs.." ran through her mind.One moment she felt courageous enough to let go and find out answers, the next moment weakened her.It had been a tussle.


They were in love.Atleast she was.

They had found their soulmates.Atleast she had.He finds one in every alternate girl he dates.

He was the flirt of the college and she was his best friend.Atleast he thought so.

In her mind , he was the perfect one for her, since they had become friends.But he was too busy to notice her then.

He used to joke about how they will be the perfect couple together as they were such good friends and it would crush her as she agreed completely.

Time moved on and so did she.They stayed friends in his mind.She found love in someone special.And got married.

Seeing her walk away into somebody else's life, he realized he had missed something.But it was too late then.


He had lived his life.Done his duties.Had never been unfaithful to his wife.Had loved her dearly.But the question remained...

Mohit found courage to get rid of the nagging question.


He picked up the phone and dialed the number he had found from a college friend.

It wasn't answered in the first go.He tried again.

This time someone answered.

"Hello, Sudha?" he asked.

"Sir, madam just passed away.Are you someone from her family?"said the maid.

P.s.: My first attempt at Fiction.


  1. Beautiful . Very creative piece of writing. 

  2. Thank you Rupertt!! Welcome to my blog!!

  3. i loved your blog especially how it looks, fabulous and it really SNOWS!

  4. Anand JhunjhunwalaFebruary 1, 2012 at 7:10 AM

    I hope you go through my blog too and give your review. I have written 3 short stories till now. :)
    Link to my blog->

  5. Welcome Anand! Hope you enjoy reading and blogging!

  6. What an end! He missed her again!

  7. Anand JhunjhunwalaFebruary 1, 2012 at 7:10 AM

    I came across this blog today only. And i really liked your writing style. Nice ending.
    I myself am very new to blogging and write short stories.

  8. Heart wrenching story. It's is the unsaid things that haunt us. The opportunities on overlooks. Well written. Keep up!

  9. very well written :)
    keep writing :)

  10. Ah...Unfinishedl love stories ...Nicely written dear...

  11. oye waah waah, FICTION my god kya baat hai

  12. It touches the heart. 
    No words to explain.
    A superb job.

    Go ahead with fictions too. 


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