Saturday, July 28, 2012

Its over..

The world existed and so did I,
Lived life and moments went by.
Some brought a smile,
Some a cry,
But I moved on knowing
They will last not more than a mile.
A moment brought you along,
I was enveloped as if i belonged,
The journey of togetherness began..
All was rosy for a while,
The problems were brushed off
Only with a smile,
In time the problems grew,
the relationship entered a phase new,
I thought we were strong,
That we will always hold our ground,
The huge tide of problems 
proved me wrong,
The rosy picture was in tatters,
the huge tide took over all that matters.
The relationship broke down
and so did we,
You weren't the same and I wasn't me.
The toll began to show,
It was over long before we knew,
Still, we tried for a beginning anew,
Only to realize the end had come,
It was over before we had begun.

P.S. This is my second sad poem in a row.But that is because I have just recently let go off something i held very close to me.These poems are sad only because they reflect my mindset these days.


  1. Sounds somewhat familiar... This was very beautiful..

  2. You express yourself so well--i sincerely hope things brighten up irrevocably for you.

  3. I have experienced something similar only it was not love.. it was friendship...

  4. Pain and sadness brings out the poet in us.
    This was painfully good!

  5. I have noticed that usually we do end up singing sad songs or posting something sad when we are in that state of mind. Even if I cannot relate to it right now, I can definitely feel your pain U. May you slowly derive the strength to get to a better happier frame of mind! Stay strong. God bless.

  6. Hello Upasana,
    I am new here. I want to leave comment if you r really sad as in your poem.
    Somethings never come to an end even if we want to.
    Somethings in our life come to end abruptly and memories make us keep those people alive in our lives, even though they are dead.
    Some people in our lives are right in front of us but they have become dead long time ago.
    It is as if you were stranger all along in some one's life. We come in this world as stranger and no guarantee that we shall be not leaving this place as stranger.
    Some times we are stranger to our parents, become stranger to spouse, to friends and finally to children. There is no end for this until we breathe our last.

    There is nothing called belonging to some one or some one belonging to you. It never happens except in imagination. Once you get tied with that person in friendship or in marriage everything dissolves. It is like all the toxic substances of olive oil have comeout when pressed. It is better to be far and wish good for others than being in their lives and loosing them.

    Don't be sad.
    Minus 1 is never constant.
    Plus 1 will nullify the effect of your pain.

    Wish you lot of smiles in your future, even though memories linger on.
    When +1 comes you will forget -1 in a jiffy.

    Take a walk in garden and hear children's smiles, hear rains shower and ladies giggle.
    Life is normal again. Move on. Good luck.

    Stranger in everyone's life.

    (" A green apple a day keeps doctor away,
    Offering a smile a day, keeps other's hurt away"

  7. its a nice poem there, n depicts your attachment, yur joys n d pain of letting go..
    it was sumthing beautiful that will always stick on wid u..
    hav strength n darkness will soon give way to light ..
    god bless :)

  8. Liked the post


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