Saturday, August 25, 2012

Take a chance...

The cold metal is the only barrier that stops you from diving into the unknown. You grab hold of it as tightly as you can. You walk along the railing and clutch anything you can to not slip.

Finally upon reaching the edge, you try having a look at the unknown.

You are so fearful that you can't muster courage to see beyond the known.

You fear losing the surety.
You fear losing the familiarity.
You fear losing the comfort.
You fear the newness.
You fear the permanency of change.
You fear what you haven't seen yet.

Standing on the edge, you can see the glimpses of what lies ahead if you take the fall. You like it too. It feels like fresh air. It feels like something you crave for.

Suddenly, after holding on for too long, comes along a moment that makes you let go.

Surprisingly, you immediately find out how it feels now.

It feels like freedom!


  1. Woow such a wonderful description. We feel it many times in our life when introduce to new situation or person!

  2. Yes... This fear of starting something new... is so aptly described by so true

  3. Yeah, letting yourself free does feel good. :)

  4. Come out of comfort zone.
    Give a chance to new.
    A 'must-must think about' kind of post.

    As always you say a lot things in small post.

    A Motivating post.
    A Teaching post.
    A impressive post.

    Well written post.

    Great going Upasana

  5. True, and the hardest part is the letting go that cold steel, and after that, it is hard to stop, to revel in the newly found freedom.

    Blasphemous Aesthete


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