Monday, September 3, 2012

Little tinkling drops of rain...

Little tinkling drops of rain,
Splash and hit my window pane..
A smile appears on my face,
As the rain never ceases to amaze..
Its nature's blessing for romance
The perfect excuse and a great chance,
For a long drive to no where,
An excuse to show you care, 
Or to have a heart to heart,
To find new love too,
it could be the perfect start..
A season to let go and have fun,
Alone or with someone,
It turns the dull city into green,
There something about it 
that is calm and serene...
Monsoon can make your hearts soar,
So welcome it
and get drenched to the core...


  1. Very Beautiful Poem Upasana.

    Liked the things you mentioned.

    A very well-written. You express feelings very well


  2. Rain can always take you to the past to open the closed chamber of memories. The same rain can blossom hopes in a heart about the future especially related to the relations one would like to posses.

    Keep expressing your thoughts. A small suggestion, explain your thoughts further. I just felt that you touched a lot of good points and ran away through the poetry.

    1. Suggestion noted! Thank you Gopan!

  3. Visiting your blog after a long time. And its really a warm welcome for me with these lines of a rain lover!

    Village Girl

    1. Welcome back! am glad you liked it!

  4. What a delightful and beautiful poem!

  5. endearing narration of many facets of rain.

  6. nicely expressed poem.

  7. nice one..
    hope u did get drenched n enjoy too.. :)
    cus I recently did
    but caught a flu :(

  8. nice one Upasana,, ure a monsoon lover. Brings back my school days when we used to get drenched on every first rain. Havent done in ages!!

  9. I love just make me feel soo lively and your poem is simply reaching to that exact feeling . nice blog.

  10. hi,
    I love rainy season, it makes me feel so lively and awake the child in me ..
    your blog has a charming look.


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