Saturday, October 27, 2012

My dignity and pride...

I was a little girl living in a world
so pure and without any lies,
A day came and I was no longer
the girl with innocent eyes.
You ripped apart my clothes
aiming to take away my dignity,
I resisted all I could but,
my physical strength failed
compared to your insanity.
I couldn't understand then
what was happening to me,
I only saw a known face,
But the animal behind it,
I couldn't see.
You got your pleasure and
fulfilled your greed and lust,
Leaving me there in pain,
and a shattered trust.
The wounds given by you
on the surface have healed,
Its the wounds inside that
still hurt and profusely bleed.
These wounds won't go away,
no matter how much I tried,
But, I will smile again as
I will always have in me,
My dignity and pride.


  1. nice lines with the problems in the current social life

  2. Powerfully Poignant yet with self esteem intact .... Wonderfully penned

  3. Filled with pain. Upasana it's just too intense. These animals should be tortured to death.

  4. That's why I say I feel I should write like you. Such a profound message told in simple lines.

    Kudos to your creativity. If you can say what you feel in simple lines, you are master of your art.

  5. Great lines....

    A must read by demons to understand how it feels.

    An issue on which not all can write and you wrote a great and effective poem.

    You describe the stage of mind very well.

    Also a must read for all.

    Great going Upasana.........

  6. Powerful..and also beautiful!
    I feel such animals should be put in cages...or castrated.

  7. Every time I read on this issue, it fills me with sadness and rage. If we can't protect our kids and women, then what kind of society are we building?

  8. You've chosen a very pertinent theme for our times, a very screaming crime. But I feel that the poem could have been better had it not been as preachy as it sounds. Sorry, I don't mean to discourage you: just a suggestion. Isn't poetry all about emotions rather than throughts?

  9. Words fail me Upasana-you have conveyed the pain & disgust so brilliantly.

  10. awesomelyyy simple and straight - directly from heart ,its wonderfully written upasana - kudos

  11. Brilliant work... Upasana.... I am sharing this one on google+

  12. Brilliant expression of the woe Upasana! Absolutely heart touching. Keep writing :)

  13. Such touching poetry Upasana. Yours words convey the mental and physical anguish an abuse victim goes through in a very simple yet real way without any dramatic overtures. I hope you continue to write like this forever.

  14. just one word - awesome, awesome awesome. Very moving. So much you could covey in so little words. I could feel the story being told and simultaneously had this hatred and anger towards the mentioned oppressor. Brings out a lot of feelings in minds of your reader concern, support, pain, hatred, anger. brilliant writing. You are on my reading list now.

  15. Really Touching..glad u've chosen a contemperory issue for ur poem..keep up the good work..

  16. Wow! When you write with such simplicity, the message in the last few lines really stand out.


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