Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am not alone...

When the times are tough,
when life calls on my bluff,
Times when sadness seems a drone,
You remind me, 
I am not alone.
When the world feels desolate,
when one starts cursing fate,
times when poisonous seeds are sown,
I see you and I know,
I am not alone.
Your smile tells me I will be fine,
and that its just a matter of time,
You are where I feel at home,
always reminding me ,
I am not alone.

P.S : There are people in our lives who never abandon us. They stand by us in every season. This poem is dedicated to such gems in my life. They remind me why I am truly blessed! 


  1. journey of life is long and it can be tough at times and these are the times when you actually want someone on your side. Well said Upasana.. :) :)

  2. Lovely poem. I am not alone...

    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler

  3. Awesome one again

    Your poems are simply perfect

    Superb poem

  4. Lovely poem. There is always someone in all of our lives who remind us of not being alone. Great!

  5. Hi Upasana :)
    A very beautiful post. Indeed, when all the chips are down and everyone leaves our side, some people stand up to the task of standing beside us. It is during such circumstances that people surprise us either by supporting us or by taking the support away.
    Keep posting :)



  6. Beautifully done. I agree with every line there, deep & insightful. Your portrayed love & trust so wonderfully. :D Even when these people are not present physically we still fel the warmth they have in our hearts just for us they forlorn so beautifully :) Take care!

  7. Nice one, Upasna. Love the header collage too!!

  8. well nicely expressed your feelings for those who have been always with in your life.
    In fact this prose was so apt and rightly explained.
    keep writing

  9. Good One Upasana...Indeed such folks are precious gems

  10. I like this. It's just written in simple words, and conveys a lot. Esp. the life calling my bluff part. I can understand that, absolutely. It's like I say I'm not afraid, yet I am, and life knows I am. Beautifully conjured.

  11. thats a lovely one...
    not everyone is blessed with such gems... :)

  12. What are we without these ultra-precious gems anyway :)

    Lovely poem!


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