Friday, November 23, 2012

Just believe...

Grab the hand that holds itself out,
That one hand for you, in the crowd.
Grab it like you will never let go,
It could last forever for all you know!
Take chances and risk to fly,
In those chances, does destiny lie,
Let go of whats holding you back,
Walk on the untraveled track.
Have faith and take the leap,
Explore uninhibitedly the waters deep.
Trust life,
beautiful stories it does weave,
To savor the sweetness, always
you have to 


  1. Are we searching for the person who we are comfortable looking at even when there are other options during conversations?
    Or are we looking for the person we can be close to in crowded spaces without really looking at them?
    What is more important?

  2. Amazingly well written and very inspirational too!! I loved this!! I thought it was very beautiful!

  3. really... belief is such a big thing... :)

  4. Optimistic and inspiring poem! Very nicely done Upasana :)

  5. so damn true in beautiful words "Take chances and risk to fly,/In those chances, does destiny lie"!.... Keep rhyming Upasana... Just believe that you've it in you :-)

    Anunoy Samanta

  6. Hi Upasana,

    What a beautiful poem and so uplifting!

    I feel inspired now that I have read it. Thank you.

  7. Really a very nice poem.

    Believe - Trust can get long way going

    Thumbs up :)

  8. I was a little upset in the morning.this made my many thanks

  9. Life can be meaningful only when we can say "yes" to reality. And that "yes" is a basic trust. Faith. But the problem is when faith becomes blind as demanded by religion, for example.

    But the kind of faith that you write of is the right kind. Kudos.

  10. This is so beautiful Upasana! Faith is the one imp thing that gives us courage to go through the ups and downs of life! Kudos to you for your ability to write such great philosophy in such a simple way!

  11. Very inspiring, and a wonderful message :)

  12. Amazing... love is nothing without trust... GOD<3U

  13. loved your blog... inspiring words!! hold on to the positivity

  14. Beautiful piece of writing..

    Take chances and risk to fly,
    In those chances, does destiny lie..

    loved these lines.. Awesome..


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