Sunday, December 23, 2012

Irony! That's what is life...

Dissatisfied and disheartened,
due to failure and obstacles,
We question everything,
hoping for a miracle.
Never taking a step back to ponder,
Life, maybe, is what happens
while we wonder!
The situation, how should it be,
and how it actually is,
This expectation makes us feel,
even in perfection, something is amiss.
The difference always lies
in how we label our lows and highs,
Happy sorrows or sad smiles,
because, Irony!
That's what is life.


  1. Awesome.

    One of your best.

    Heart touching lines like the "expectation" and "label"

  2. I just love your philosophy of life!

  3. amazingly put!

    and have you changed your blog's look? i have a VERY weak memory. it looks beautiful.


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