Friday, March 8, 2013

An Ode to a New Mother..

A little girl tiptoes around her mother, 
Her mind full of questions and eyes wide, 
Asking knickknacks and how's and what's, 
Mother patiently answers with smile and pride. 
The little girl grows to be a beautiful woman, 
Knowing most of the answers and seeking some more, 
Independent, hard-working and an individual, 
And yet, a daughter and sister at her core. 
Fate comes knocking and 
A prince and his family enter her life, 
Bidding adieu to her parents and brother,
The little girl was now a wife. 
Each day made way for a new one, 
Together they started a life and a relationship grew, 
Faced ups and downs hand in hand, 
Each experience made their belief anew. 
They decided to make space for a third, 
Their household grew and more love adorned, 
The family rejoiced and prayed for the months to come, 
The time was finally here and
 a mother was born.


  1. How well you have described the journey to motherhood. Keep at it!

  2. ....and the cycle repeats!
    This is very beautiful poem Upasana, Beautifully penned.

  3. The metamorphosis of a daughter to wife and mother make the Trimurti of Women. Very Nice poem.

  4. I can relate with this so much more now that I'm at a cusp in my own life :) I'm sharing this with Mom...

  5. Well said Upasana. If you can add a few songs and a few situations, it could be a bollywood flick too.

  6. and a mother was born...i loved the last line, and how you ended this poem...


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