Tuesday, March 19, 2013

F?@K KNOWS! A humorous self-help book!

What do you want from life?
Are you on the right track?
Are you truly happy?

The back cover says if your answer to the above questions is F?@K KNOWS, then this book is for you! One of these questions troubles everyone at some point in their life. Most of our lives are spent getting an affirmative and meaningful answer for these questions. Comes along a book with a yellow cover and an eye catching red color font, claiming to help you figure out the answers to these questions! Written by an author who claims to be BTDT i.e. Been There Done That, effectively packaged and marketed, the book is bound to make you curious. Does it stand up to its name or end up being just-another-self-help book, is the question!

The good: The writing style of the author is slapstick and in-your-face. That is one of the major pluses of the book. His writing makes you want to read ahead more because of the way it tickles you. You will find yourself laughing at his anecdotes. Another thing that works is that the book has a very upbeat tone. Not once does the tone dip or the enthusiasm die down. This again keeps you interested as then it doesn't seem like a one way conversation.  Also considering that the author is a marketing and advertising guru; he has very effectively targeted his readers and written the book taking their lives into account. For a self help book that is a brownie point as then every reader can relate to the book on some level.

The Bad: While narrating some of his real life incidents, the author loses track of what the idea of the book is. So it seems like the book is losing track of what it intends to do in some places. While reading the book, some areas seem unnecessary and the editing seems lax. Shrewder editing was required to maintain the flow of the book as is from cover to cover. The humor seems forced and the writing appears a little audacious in some places. The cover design could have been more creative given the marketing of the book was well done.

My Two Cents: The author picks up basic nuggets of life that one reads as small quotes and packages them with wit, humor, anecdotes and a new name and presents them to his readers. This is what is done in most self help books. So, the litmus test of every such book is that how successful it is in conveying its point to its readers. And in that area the author has more hits than misses in this book. The description of the book on the paperback claims that this book will help the reader in seeking answers to the important questions in his life. Is it truly the answer to the biggest questions in anyone’s life or is it is just a book with tall claims on its back cover? The answer to that is F?@K KNOWS! It is what you see it as. For some, reading it will be a life-altering experience and to the others it could be a book that’s easily forgotten. Either way, you will end up having a giggle, a laugh and at places even a howling laugh!

My Verdict: A sure one time read!

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  1. good review...i ll pick this on some journey

  2. I sure will give it a try, But I still have my doubts about whether I should go ahead and purchase a copy or just let it from someone

    1. If someone can lend it to you, don't buy before deciding for yourself!


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