Saturday, June 15, 2013

An ode to my dreams..

I weave you with my words,
I carry you in my eyes,
You make me want 
to wish for more,
beyond Earth and the skies,
Empowering me through and always,
You guide me 
in your own mysterious ways.
I hear your song and follow your lead,
I have long crossed the tiny realm of need.
I live to keep you alive or
is it the other way around, 
I do not know.
But, my dreams I tell you this,
With time and imagination,
I wish you only grow!


  1. lovely composition!
    the concluding lines are well written!! :)

  2. Lovely. BTW, you meant, 'I hear your song and follow your lead'???
    Or, I am not able to grasp the meaning. Sorry, if latter is the case.

    1. Hey Saru! Thank you for your comment! And it actually was a typo error from my end that has been rectified! :)

  3. Good one. As always, you are best at expressing. Personifying dreams is something out of box for me. Thumps up :)

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