Sunday, June 9, 2013

Shoes Of The Dead : A Gripping Political Tale!

India is primarily a nation of farmers, our school civics had made us aware of that. So, when we hear about farmer suicide, it immediately grabs our attention. The word corruption has entered the daily vocabulary of a layman. So even this evil is blamed on it. None of us are aware of what really causes it and its forgotten as we don't really have the knowledge and the will to explore the basic roots. Kota Neelima writes a book about this very issue. She sets the mood of the book with "None of us can match the powers we challenge. It is an unequal fight, but we have the dead on our side." Is she successful in writing a political fiction or it just turns into a wannabe expose in the guise of fiction? Read on to find out.

The Good:
The name Kota Neelima brings with it high expectations. She has been there, seen that and reported about it too. Anyone who has followed her reportage will know that she is capable of giving the reader an insight about burning issues. The book lives up to this and gives you a whole set of characters you can imagine and whole set of real characters you can relate them to. At many times, I found myself trying to guess on which political figure was a particular character based. Which is a good thing for a writer as this means that the writer has succeeded in indulging you in his world. The story really does give you a peek into two worlds that couldn't be more different from the other. The characters are rich is details and become much more than just caricatures. The matter in the book gives you enough to build your opinion on and in the end you find yourself supporting one side and digressing the other. 

The Bad:
The story moves at a slow pace and one is capable of losing interest. The editing could have been better and some areas are unnecessarily detailed. The book will appeal only to its target group and might find it difficult to engage a casual reader. The book suffers from a drawback that can be called too much information.

My Two Cents:
If you are a political fiction fan, you will love the book. It lets the reader take a walk through power corridors and also takes you into farmer homes and hearts. While doing this, it also narrates a thrilling story. It is an inspiring read and can make one want to fight for the cause.  Something changes after finishing the book. Not everyone would want to be a revolutionary, but everyone who reads it will definitely be enlightened. That to me is a big achievement for any book.

My Verdict:
A must read!

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