Time Well Spent At Reliance Digital, Mulund!

Indiblogger and Reliance Digital came up with an offer ala The Godfather; no one in their right frame of mind could refuse! All you had to do was walk into a Reliance Digital store with an Indi-invite and get a wholesome Reliance Digital experience and you get a cute little iPod shuffle for the same! Could it get any better! No, right! 

So off i went to the Reliance Digital store located at R-mall, Mulund looking forward to experience the "Happiness in store". Most of my past purchases have been made at the store so it really was a home turf. And like every time in the past, the store did not disappoint. As I entered with the Indi-invite, one thing that never ceased to amaze me in the past, struck me again. I was always in awe of the magnanimity of the store and this time it was nothing new. Perfectly spaced out and evenly distributed space, this store was one of the best planned stores around. 

I consider myself quite technologically challenged and always need to hand held and guided around. I always have a lot of questions to ask as I generally am pretty curious. So one of the parameters of a store becoming my go-to shopping destination is the friendliness and knowledge of the staff. Securing a coveted spot on this list is Reliance digital at R-mall, Mulund. The staff is everything they need to be. All your questions will be answered and politely and in detail at that. For someone as technologically illiterate as me, that is quite a boon. So if like me, you live under a rock , this is the place to shop at to make sure you make an informed choice. Moreover, one this that irks me as a shopper is the staff following me around and giving me unnecessary information without being spoken to. Here too, Reliance Digital gets brownie points as the staff leaves you alone to check out whatever you want, but is always there when you need an answer.

The range and collection at the store is always a treat. so if you are me and need to check out all possible options before finally zeroing down on something, then this store offers you ample of space and opportunity to do so. 

Next time you go looking for a shiny new gadget, make sure you visit Reliance Digital, Mulund. Along with the gadget, you will find ample of happiness in store! 


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